Pooja Kumar

Serial entrepreneur, business leader and startup mentor passionate about doing things that impact lives. 

19 years of startup experience - across sectors, functions and customer segments where Pooja held leadership roles and pioneered many products/technologies - has provided a very diverse and enriching experience to her.

Prior to VenEx, she has mentored startups, set up and run the Personal Loans business at Clix Capital, been a founding team member at Eko (a pioneering fintech venture), set up NCR operations for Ujjivan (a small finance bank) and worked at American Express.

She founded JoGoApp, a gamified health & fitness app platform which received multiple accolades, including being rated 'Top 5 Startups of 2016'. Pooja herself has been rated 'Top Women Entrepreneur'.

She has done her MA Economics from DSE. In her spare time, Pooja likes to volunteer with social impact initiatives, run, swim, dance, kickbox, read, travel, paint, write and spend time with her family.

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Avinash (Avi) Agrawal

Avi is a serial entrepreneur and business leader who thrives on big challenges.

He brings extensive and well-rounded leadership experience in starting-up as well as scaling-up journeys of businesses, across all key functional areas in high-growth domains like Fintech, Digital Media, EnterpriseTech & SaaS, Digital-first Consumer Brands and Investment Banking.

Avi earned his B.Tech. from IIT Bombay in 1997. 

When not helping fellow entrepreneurs scale their ventures, he enjoys time with family, yoga, writing, movies, music, advances in theoretical physics and traveling to offbeat places.

Avi is reachable at

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