How It Works

After carefully studying compensation models across Equity (Stock Options ie. ESOs/ESOPs, ESPPs, SARs/ESARs and RSUs), usual Revenue/Profit Linked Incentives, Retention Bonuses, Commissions, Royalties, etc., and speaking to 100+ founders, chiefs of staff and finance leaders, we knew that the solution lies in an alternate tool/ model.

Introducing Wealth Points* to transform how we engage talent and manage cashflows in the new world.

What are Wealth Points?

* Wealth Point ("WP") is a new-age negotiation tool by VenEx, for a business to hire, compensate and engage employees, consultants, service providers, channel partners, etc. ("Participants") by dynamically leveraging its future funding/ revenues/ profits to provide a fixed, merit-based upside to all.

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How do we implement this?

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Features covered in this 8-min video:

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Wealth Points are also:

(** auto-elastic at both ends ie. it can be lower than 2 years or more than 4 years, depending on the actual pace of business growth and/or funding rounds.)