How It Works

What are Wealth Points?

Wealth Points is a unique negotiation currency created by VenEx, for businesses to negotiate with and compensate employees, hiring candidates, consultants, service providers, channel partners, etc. It enables meritocratic and cashflow-efficient ownership and wealth-sharing at scale in the form of structured, automated, limited and conditional Royalty (share of future cashflows).

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Product Demo

Curious to know more about VenEx? Watch this product demo about how VenEx works:

  • Configure financials and visualize the positive impact of VenEx on your short-term as well as long-term cashflows

  • Configure VenEx Powered Pay for employees and hiring candidates

  • Amplify team rewards by 2X-10X without disturbing current budgets

  • Extend VenEx Powered Pay and Rewards to employees, while empowering them to design their own combinations of Cash, Equity and VenEx

  • Build trust and gamify with Employee Dashboards

  • Engage and motivate with Leaderboards and Social (Rewards) Feeds

  • Manage the program via Company/CEO’s Dashboard

Implementation Journey

VenEx provides an end-to-end solution via its SaaS product, high-touch approach and bespoke services

Watch this short video to know some of the steps we walk together to implement VenEx in your organization

More about Wealth Points

Wealth Points are:

  • an inclusive, cross-functional and cross-hierarchical metric for a business to record the cumulative contributions of each employee (including service providers) over time ie. their relative performance and loyalty (ie. the longer a person serves the business and the better they perform, the more Wealth Points they earn every month, quarter or year);

  • a way to give 2X-10X upsides to employees from the future cashflows in lieu of lesser cash/equity in the short-term;

  • an instrument for making them feel appropriately valued by the company by acknowledging their worth and contributions now, and accordingly sharing the future wealth with them (a Wealth Point earned in the current year yields exactly one INR/USD/etc. in real earnings to the employee, as a share of the wealth created by the business over the next 2-4 years*);

  • a way to extend mid-term financial security to the employee as the wealth-sharing continues even after the employment period, until all her hard-earned Wealth Points have converted to INR/USD/etc. and got paid;

  • a new-age, win-win negotiation currency that helps the business save cash and equity while giving greater ownership and share-of-wealth to its employees;

  • a way to boost pay offers, pay-hike offers and rewards without impacting cash budgets;

  • a way to build capital efficiency, in the short-term as well as in the long-term, through dynamic financial modeling;

  • a new-age, 10X safer alternative to Stock Options (ESOs/ESOPs) and other forms of Sweat Equity for employees;

  • optionally, a way to make Stock Options/ Equity 10X more effective by providing employees with clear visibility of conditional liquidity (cashflow-based and performance-based) from the offer/grant stage itself.

(* auto-elastic at both ends ie. it can be lower than 2 years or more than 4 years, depending on the actual pace of growth of the employer and/or its actual funding rounds.)

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