VenEx Solves Compensation
For Businesses

Eg. Use Our Model To Deliver Lucrative Pay Hikes In Limited Budgets! *


* Our model & platform enable you to extend a handsome upside to all who deserve it, by leveraging your future cashflows (funding/ revenues/ profits).

To gamify this, we introduce Wealth Points ("WPs"), issued with regular pay but redeemable monthly in cash over time.

Bridge any gap by offering 2x-4x WPs. This fixed gain enables all to accept lower cash today!

Why VenEx for Compensation?

Amplify budgets by 20-40% by leveraging your future cashflows

Extend a fixed and handsome upside with low risk to all

Reward top performers well, without alienating anyone worthy

Save time & money with our simulators, financial engine and dashboards

How it works!

What more can I do with VenEx?

Boost alignment by tying the pace of wealth-creation to that of business

Visualize the positive impact on your revenues, P&L and cashflows

Enable employees to choose between Cash, Equity and VenEx 

Amplify year-round rewards beyond pay-hikes

Build trust & gamify with Employee Dashboards 

Engage & motivate with Leaderboards and Social Feed

Live Case Study: 42% Growth with 8% Savings!

Within 8 months, MissCallPay, a fintech venture has:

What are people saying about it?

"A highly innovative product. The dual functionality of VenEx's compensation model is impressive - the ability to use Wealth Points as a way to reward/ drive all partners/ team members and the linkage of the payout to company performance ensures that individual performance is rewarded and that all are aligned to achieve growth/ business goals faster. VenEx has the potential to enable organisations to attract and drive quality talent/ partners in a capital efficient manner while also accelerating growth."

Harman Singh (Founder & CEO, 

Yuno Learning)

"It's an innovative, transparent and flexible solution to a persistent problem faced by most organizations."

Gaurav Seth (a leading CFO in financial services)

"Apart from hiring, it's a great tool for pay-hikes, salary corrections, and retaining top performers."

Pooja Goswami (HR Head, Eko India)

"The best aspects of VenEx are that it can be given to all hierarchy levels, and that it extends our capital runway."

Mitesh Thakker (Founder & CEO, MissCallPay)

"To win in the marketplace, you must first win the workplace!"

Our mission is to help ventures win the workplace by enabling them to provide their employees with a tangible wealth-creation opportunity tied to the venture's future business/funding.